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“Thanks, Kristen! I feel an incredible debt owed to you for saving me from my own self destruction. All those little things I was struggling with and trying to fix daily all fell into place with this challenge. You are helping me realize that whatever I want is within my control and obtainable. I just have to work hard at eating good food and drinking lots of water on a daily schedule. As well as fitting in as much physical activity as possible. WOW! What a positive impact it has made on my daily life. Today at the playground I found myself actually crossing the monkey bars with my kids. Thank you Kristen Cincotti for helping me fill my days with more energy and joy!”

“I am loving the results and don’t want to stop drinking Shakeology. The dr said to stop the BP meds for now!!! Yiiippppeeee to life. Changes! (after only 2 weeks on Shakeology & in the challenge!) Before this challenge I had tried many diets and saw some success, but going back to day one when Kristen said to not think of it as a diet but a life style change! I have done just that and have been taken off blood pressure meds 100%! The dr was very happy last week with my life changes. I love how I feel and my family is feeling the effects as well. Mommy has more energy and is happy again!”

“Kristen changed my life. I signed up for her bootcamps a few years ago after having been out of shape for years. She quickly got me excited about fitness and made it fun with all different types of activities. With her encouragement and direction, I quickly saw results which made me want to continue exercising. There was one time where I started to fall off the wagon so I contacted Kristen to do some personal training and she got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve continued to workout on almost a daily basis and it’s now something I look forward to. This never would have been possible without Kristen’s commitment to me and her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. She will make you work hard but you will feel great about yourself and you will love her for it…I promise!”
Angela, 30 (Personal Training, Partner Training, Boot Camps)

“Met my goal of no junk food (can’t believe how good I’m being but it’s seems so easy now). I used to eat constantly (always snacking- maybe it was stress related) but now 5-6 times a day. Changes that I made in my diet & exercise have made me healthier (I.e. lowered cholesterol by more than 60 points, lost over 25 pounds), if I’m healthier then I can help others & even more importantly help do the rescue work for animals which is my passion!”

“Fit To Be delivers everything that I wanted from an exercise program – a variety of challenging exercises, a trainer who is motivating and a great team environment. I am extremely pleased with what I have found at Fit To Be and I am pleased with my own personal results as well! I am feeling leaner and stronger and I am so happy that I have done this for myself!”
Amy, 34 (Boot Camp)

“This challenge has been bigger than I expected for sure. I can’t believe I haven’t had caffeine for 2 weeks and don’t miss it. I can’t believe I used to never drink water. I can’t believe I like running. That is all some crazy shit right there! I am pretty sure I haven’t lost much in the way of inches or pounds despite all the changes I’ve made, HOWEVER, I think that if I do it for another 3 weeks I will, so I plan to just keep going!”

“I’m 56 years old and in the best shape ever. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 8. My body is toned and I have more energy. Family and friends have all commented on the change. I’m able to do things in my workouts I’ve never thought possible. Hooray for Fit To Be!”
Charlotte, 56 (Personal Training)

“The bad habits I had are starting to fade after 21 days of training. I was using a lot of artificial sweeteners and having quite a bit of caffeine that I have totally cut back on as well as eating a ridiculous amount of processed food (mostly for convenience)… oh and lets not forget my daily dose of chocolate or candy! I have done a lot of “diets” before and have always been left feeling deprived but that is not the case with this program (I know its not considered a diet but it’s the closest thing I can relate it to). I have enjoyed finding clean recipes that my family also enjoys. I take medication for different auto-immune issues and although I know I can’t totally be taken off of them because my body doesn’t produce certain things, I am hoping that I can at least decrease them if I stay on the right track.”

“I appreciate all your encouragement and for getting me started in boot camp. I am definitely interested in the next boot camp. Your training really made a difference, very noticeable. It’s definitely hard, but the results are there, so Thank You.”
Diane (Boot Camp)

“Today was a crazy one for us. big day for my daughter Jordan (4yo) award day for final game first season of soccer. Then first dance recital. Also my husband’s bday. I totally put everyone else first and didn’t take the time to eat or exercise like I should have for the first time during this challenge and I ABSOLUTELY NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!! I cannot believe I functioned like this before!!!! played 30 minutes on new wii I bought as hubby’s bday gift. Seriously laughed so hard while doing Just Dance!! And trying to master tennis. So fun. Would never have enjoyed as much before getting active with this challenge. I turned my day around this evening because I was able to recognize that things were going wrong…and because I knew I needed to check in. I was being held accountable so i took control and made the right choices. Absolutely crazy how just 20 days has so significantly and positively impacted my life!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much for sharing this journey!”

“I worked out on my own for a long time and had reached a point where I wasn’t getting any stronger. Well, Kristen changed all that. By mixing up my workouts and introducing new exercises, she pushed me past that plateau and actually had me looking forward to our sessions.”
Male, 28 (Personal Training)

“Portion sizes are definitely helping me! I’m a PB addict. I’ve gone from 2 TBS per piece of toast/apple down to ½ TBS. That’s saving me about 150 calories and 12 grams of fat per day. I’ve also been pushing myself to do longer cardio workouts… I use to think “why bother with another 5 minutes?” now I think “I can do another 5! I’ll feel great!” AND that adds to an extra 20 minutes each week.”

“Kristen, thanks so much for all your help this summer.  I hope to see you before the spring.  Bootcamp made my summer!!”
Chris, 50 (Boot Camp)

“I love the accountability and motivation from Kristen! The feedback on each check in, videos and inspirational pictures definitely helped motivate me. The recipes and reading everyone else’s check ins was also very helpful! Loved it!”

“Hi Kristen! I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes. I really feel so good about myself, and I can already see a difference – especially in my chest. My husband can’t believe how my arms are looking! 🙂
Carolyn G, 35 (Boot Camp)

“I really liked the routine of incorporating a shake every day. Besides the convenience of having lunch planned and ready each day, I didn’t just feel satiated but like I was actually doing something really good for my body. It also helped keep me in the mindset each day of making smart food choices. Planning to continue this on a daily basis….”

“I always thought I was too old to build muscle, and the flab was only going to get worse, until Kristen told me you’re never too old to build muscle- and she was right! I’ve lost almost all of my flab and have nice muscle definition now. I’m a lot stronger and look and feel so much better!”
Female, 54 (Personal Training)

“Hi Kristen, it was so nice to discover that I managed to lose another pound even during the week between challenges. I can’t remember where I wrote my starting weight but I lost between 11-12 pounds altogether. I still have a way to go to get where I want to be ( another 20) but I’m giving myself to year end to do it. If I can get there before that, all the better. Thank you!!! I’ve noticed a big change in my eating habits. I have very little desire for junk food.”

“I really enjoyed Boot Camp this summer.  It made me realize that I can make time for myself,  not only to exercise but to learn to eat healthy.  Thanks again for all your support and motivation.”
Charlene, 33 (Boot Camp)

“Thanks Kristen Cincotti, the Absolutely Ab-ulous fitness challenge was fantastic! I learned 40+ new ab exercises that work far better than traditional sit-ups. Your groups continue to keep me focused while bettering my lifestyle. Very much looking forward to the PiYo challenge!”

“I am sooo incredibly happy to report that I have been eating the best I’ve ever eaten in my life, literally. I drink a shake every day for breakfast, followed by my healthy snack, lunch, snack and dinner. I’ve completely cut diet coke out of my diet and, to my surprise and without much effort, stopped drinking my daily cup of coffee. Instead I carry my favorite Target water bottle with me around the house and while I am getting ready in the morning.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because my Saturday meeting with you was pivotal. I left you excited and anxious to get started. You were exactly what I needed at exactly the right time because I had reached that proverbial rock bottom where I was sinking deeper and deeper and feeling worse and worse about myself. I feel 100% better. I am not craving snacks or junk and am so blown away that I find myself thinking about my next healthy snack. When I had done weight watchers in the past I wasn’t making mindful healthy choices, I was simply counting points. What a difference this new approach has been!

All of this has been infectious. My husband has completely jumped on board with me. Not only has he cut out all alcohol (because of the challenge), he has embraced this new way of eating.

So, why this email? Because I want you to know your challenge was exactly what I needed. I carry the handouts with me… I read them all the time and have tried a few of your meal and snack suggestions. I’ve tried to follow the timing as well, to the point where it is now becoming habit. I drink more than my 50% in water, I drink my shakes, and I can say with confidence most days have been a 9 / 10 for nutrition. I am very excited to start focusing on the fitness piece now that I am physically feeling better. Whew, I feel like this was a confessional, but I wanted to put it in writing not only to you, but as a letter to myself to remember how good I feel now and to remember this is my new way of life. I know it is early on, but I can’t imagine going back to my old eating habits. Thanks again Kristen!

Denise, 46 (Personal Training & Online Challenges)

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